Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tarte Foundation and Women of color

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TARTE is 1 line that some women of color has passed by, But I must say out of there small selection they do care about beauty and our skin in the long run. Some ladies may have great skin for now and some of us, well lets just say we once had skin so amazing and needs help getting back to that standards or just good up keep.

I finally started trying out there products a month ago with there beautiful section of palette’s, there eye shadows are beautiful and for women who want there beauty to shine through. Its not for the over made up its for the ladies who want to bring out there beautiful features and make sure there husbands know who they are! LOL

Now I have the pleasure of trying out what I love to call my weakness foundation, face powder and now concealer. I would like to say everything in the Tarte line has a pretty royal type purple casing or outline to
There products. Which is a plus for me its views nice from your collection stash or vanity, But on to the real
Goodness I have kind of been on this kick of finding another foundation that doesn’t break me out or cause
Any drying of the skin. I must say Tarte foundation blends beautiful its is a medium to full coverage
Buildable just use short motions with a sponge or your favorite flat foundation brush.

The powder it’s a little to red for my skin but it even blends like a dream…
I will be trying out the concealer soon and will keep you all posted.
But don’t be afraid to try lines that are good for the skin and don’t test on animals, you will be amazed
At the out come.
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