Friday, September 19, 2008

Sensi Clear

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So my entry today is on something a tad different from the other's. I am starting a Skin diary on You-tube. I want us as women in a whole and of course my WOC to help each other find solutions to our skin troubles.

This treat just arrived in the mail and after this I will try it out for the first time. What made me lean towards this product is the fact that it is used by the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. Now I know very well standing 4'11 and being plus size I am no model. But I have put my face through model wear and tear when it comes to makeup. Everyday we use heavy bases and foundation's. Don't forget powders and cream that cause a build up in our skin, clog pores and doesn't allow healthy skin grow. I sound like a add, but this is so true.

I have minor breakouts but more often sense wearing foundation and other product use. My goal is to have clear skin with and without the makeup.
The kit comes with a cleanser, toner,blemish control lotion, on the spot treatment.
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