Thursday, August 13, 2009

un photoshopped photos Chatter!

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 7:01 AM
The most spoken about #1 DIVA, this is her most spoken about add and well I know its photo shop bound. People always speak on her complexion but the girl does get a nice tan and lightens up really well you can tell by her younger year photo's before the photo shop hype! But after you sign your name away Loreal and other ads can do as they please. That is what sells lightness, lighter complexions but only because we allow it. A dark skin women will not pick up or buy something with her own face as quick as she will a lighter complexion person on a ad! Sorry but true....

Pictured below is the Famous KIM KARDASHIAN okay if these are real photos, as a women I don't see nothing wrong with those thighs. Oh I have seen worst they just have a different tone and texture than her face but of course she has on makeup wake up world!

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