Monday, April 5, 2010

Sugar Pill Cosmetics REVIEW!

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 2:49 AM

Okay ladies been hanging onto my Sugar Pill for over a week and finally gave it a go and Yes I must say I love it want some more no would love some more. I feel as if the subject of sugar pill is quiet in the WOC community only because of the mishap to Nikki but people are innocent until proven guilty. Plus I had ordered it before it all happened!
I didn't wanna waste my money so yeah I tried it just like I try anything else I buy and it does rock! But beauty blogging is not always personal its about the beauty addictions to makeup and products!
So here is my review o the Quad I got, I got the sweetheart palette you know I had to tryout that PINK! The palette comes nicely wrapped and you get 2 cards and a sticker. The palette has a sticker on the back for now but the front its not a sticker! I repeat Its not a Sticker on the front of the palette. Each shadow is pigmented I used them with my paint pot from Mac and that's it. I was please that building the white it stayed white and didn't turn grayish like some whites. Gently pick-up the color with the brush and build your color. And rock your look for the day Or week Sugar Pill gets the HIGH FIVE and 5 TOOT"S for being a nice new line and great Packaging!
Thanks for reading

All items where paid for by me and all reviews are honest as possible based on trying out the products for myself, Remember what works for me may not for you depending on your blending skills or tatse preffence! Pictures are not copyright intended and from the Sugar Pill website!



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