Friday, October 10, 2008

Black Opal Fade Gel Review (Finally)

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 10:52 AM

Part of my Skin Diary Entry and soon I will show my skin after using all of the products that I have given ago lately. But I want to give my review on the Black Opal advanced dual complex fade gel... Its a go ladies. It still works for me after not using it in about 10yrs. But the key to making a product work is drinking lots of water using a cleanser,toner, and keeping your face Hydrated. I place thegel on my spots and on my hyperpigmentation areas only. dotting it into the spots. I dont rub it all over as of yet. The rason why you dont want rub it over your intire face, if you are dark in one area and light in the other all you are doing is lighting up the areas that have no problems. Okay Hello the dark areas will appear darker because you are lighting up places that dont need it. That is why some people give up not realizing that it is working.



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