Thursday, March 18, 2010

BHcosmetics Blogger Review

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 7:09 AM

Well as you know I got the change to play around with these brushes and there not bad at all there sturdy. Made very well you don't get your package and there is a crooked it brush with I have had in the past to happen from another company.

The brush are easy to clean 90% soft if you was to put it on a scale. I feel it has everything for a newbie to began with except for the traditional crease brush other than that it would b perfect. There priced at a okay fee of $39.99.

I think some people may not like that some of the brushes are not long but it doesn't bother me because I have to get real close on the makeup mirror and I don't poke myself in the eye by hitting the brush against the mirror.
Like I said in my video I am putting myself in the shoes as a newbie to cosmetics and never had tried high end brushes. I notice when you compare some items to high end it just doesn't work. Only because when you are used to a high grade going down is kinda backwards in judging some products. If you do try these brushes use them fr a week or 2 like I did and see if you adjust to them. I honestly use them more than my others so far. Wash your brushes gentle with a bruh cleaner or shampoo, a good batch will have the goat hair ones soft and fluffy...



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