Saturday, December 20, 2008


Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 8:47 AM

Hello Ladies so I was so bored the other night and I was thinking about the MSF dupe I was hearing about on You-tube. So I thought to myself I wonder if I can some up with a custom made highlight for my face.

So from left to right the first swatch is my first batch its also a good way to use those old minerals we don't use anymore. Batch 1 has sheer cover minerals about 2 table spoons, 1 teaspoon of Mac tan pigment, teaspoon of Dash minerals Blush in Glo, Spell Cosmetics Gold salmon. I use the method like you press pigments. Batch 2 is Sheer cover, Spell gold Salmon, NYX pink sky pigment and a small amount of the tan pigment. I use more mineral foundation with the second batch and I noticed if you use more foundation the darker the color appears.
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