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Eye Makeup: What’s Hot and What’s Not
by The Beauty Curator on July 20, 2009

This season, the sun is out and so is the heavy matte makeup of winter. Summer is all about the light, natural look—and the best place to start is with your eyes. So what exactly are superstars like Julia Roberts and Anna Kournikova sporting under those mega-cool Ray-Ban aviators? Find out what’s hot—and what’s not—below.

HOT! Shimmer is the buzzword of the season. To get Jessica Biel’s sun-kissed sheen, go for eye shadows with metallic tones like the Stila Eye Shadow Trio in gold or bronze.
NOT Smoky eyes are a no-no in broad daylight. Save sultry shades like pewter and black for a dramatic nighttime look. And even then, don’t forget the shimmer—that summery sparkle is in style 24/7.

HOT! Draw attention to your eyes by keeping the rest of your makeup light and natural. For that barely there look, use a tinted moisturizer like Nuxe Teint Prodigieux to tone and even out your skin.
NOT Put away that foundation. In warmer months, heavy makeup looks and feels hot—and not in a good way. Tackle trouble spots with your favorite concealer instead.

HOT! Long, luxurious lashes are all the rage right now. Don’t worry if your natural lashes don’t have great volume on their own—even celebs like Eva Longoria rely on falsies. For your own glamorous look, try false eyelashes from Ardell [starting at $4].
NOT What’s the point of creating bold lashes if no one can see them? Avoid dark eye shadow, and give those hard-won lashes the attention they deserve.

HOT! This summer’s natural theme applies to your eyebrows, too. Frame your eyes with the full, but tame look sported by stars like Megan Fox. For clean arches, comb your brows with a little hairspray on a toothbrush or brush on clear mascara before shaping with a powder shadow.
NOT Avoid unnaturally high arches and don’t over pluck. Today’s eyebrows aren’t too bushy or too thin. The trick is to work with your natural shape. If you end up needing to fill in, try using two pencils with similar shades to simulate the highlights in natural hair.

HOT! Natural these days doesn’t mean nude. Add a splash of tropical color, such as bright aquas and pinks—just remember to keep it sheer. Other hot hues are glinty shades of mint, ocean blue, violet, or peach.
NOT Acid-washed denim may be on the rise, but that doesn’t mean the ’80s neon palette is still “rad.” [Electric blue, anyone?] When it comes to eye shadow, stick to one shade and keep it light. And while you’re at it, make sure your eye shadow never matches your eye color. Instead choose a complementary shade to bring out your natural color.


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