Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Age spot cream

Posted by BeautyGUMBO at 6:07 PM

Hello sweeties so I have added this new for me affordable product to try I remember Vita-k through the grape vine and was up one night stalking the ultra site
And came across this product and when looking for another item found this at my local Walgreen's. (Saved me on shipping) LOL

I have a spot on my cheek from mother nature last bump yeah my old butt still get the period bump. Well I picked at it. And it left a new mark. So I am using it to see what it will do.

So far not breakout no burning, it doesn't have a smell. It feels nice and thick but not have after you rub it on.

I am looking into trading into a new face routine so if you have any addy on
A good Creamy Cleanser
A Great eye cream
A great Face cream for night and Day Please leave it below so I can research it.
Have a great week!



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