Thursday, February 25, 2010


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Have you ever seen fire come from a human being nose? Well that's how I feel about now. All the young ladies I have looked up to and favorite over the last 2 years have came and gone. Because of Hate and drama, I have came along way to be honest living in the south I didn't trust white people at all! After moving here from Michigan it as a big change for me one I didn't like because never dealt with RACIAL HATE. I went through on YouTube when I first started and the white ladies where sticking up for me helping me realize not everyone gives a crap if your black or brown or yellow or polka dotted!

But this brown girl thing and makeup is nuts its stupid, I will admit I like MAC but my intest doesn't stop there nor did it start there it was smashbox,Bobbi brown and a few other lines. But other than drugstore Mac was the cheapest, My favorite HIP brand was rising in price and so was drugstore items. They raised the price but didn't make new stuff enough to keep my attention. I could never hate what another BITCH has because I can get it to may take a minute but hey if I want it shall get it. LOL

I am guilty of not trying things because I was worried if there cost to much or if people would trip. But that is not being true to myself, women of color have it bad enough. I had people pretend to b my friend just to get there sub's and then Vamp don't now a bitch! I had people pretend to be my friend twist my words, I even have people just hate me because it made the feel better. Women think because you don't act BOO_GEE your not a good person. But I don't need to act stuck up! Fake as hell or even too ghetto to fit in. They miss judge you because you curse but they curse off cam makes them a lady. Bull crap I am the lady for keeping it real!

Friendship is hard to come by and programs like YouTube is even Harder to have a social gathering of makeup and women of every race just to learn from and pump up your skills. Now we know women all over the world just by clicking a button.
I think we should just let them HOES have it if they wanna say mean shit let them. But The cowards still don't post videos..
But Back to brown girls lets just stop it if the girl is rocking give her the props she earn otherwise step. Because HATE will turn into buttermilk and its all sour from there.
Don't worry Be Happy!
NOTE: I am not talking about anyone in general just the pain and hurt inside.


Anti-Jemima on February 26, 2010 at 8:03 PM said...

I don't know. I been posting videos on youtube for a year and I dont got it all. Youtube can be so anonymous at times it can be hard to tell where the hate is coming from. Just keep doing what you doing because there are very few black women that do you what you do on youtube. It seems a lot of ladies on youtube trying to get a deal. A few makeup GURUS have been hired by make-up firms so the info is not reliable. Anyway just do you as you always say!

Beauty Gumbo more than just makeup on February 27, 2010 at 10:38 AM said...

Thank you and I understand,


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