Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exuviance Review (Skin Brighter's)

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NOTE: I use these products only to help control my hyperpigmentation on a daily basics I dont use them to alter my complexion such as bleaching my face and body. I use it on the imperfections.

Hello Loves so I wanted to give an update on a few products and its gonna be a long one. So my most common thing asked is about skin products that help with hyper pigmentation.

I have tried a few in the past not realizing I didn’t need them but in fact it was my way of keeping clear skin. From Ambi-Black and white. I tried just about them all, some gave me really good results far as a face cream and other’s well lets just say thank goodness for anti itch creams lol.

So within the last few years I began to need the products to help control UN-even skin tones,, and some like Black Opal really helps if followed for fresh spots from breakouts. I recommend the complex gel in that line.

Another one of my favorite’s is a drugstore brand often found at Fred’s Dollar General and some walmart’s. It happens to be Esoterica in the night time formula works great on knee’s and hyper pigmentation area when used right.

Things I have used in the last past months SKINBRIGHT is a great product in between the price range
It is a product that is effective when used in part of drinking plenty water using a gentle skincare routine
And always using SPF 30 and Higher. This allow you to keep recurring darkness as well as protecting your skin.

Exuviance Intense Lighting Gel Complex Works pretty fast and rather well, but have a few Con’s the gel for me is a bit sticky almost non drying and it is also a priced a tad Cheaper than most a good plus. I rather use this product after my nightly routine
Exuviance Brighting Bionc Eye Cream is a wonderful product that I have been seeing more improvement in my Dark circles, With using both of these a little goes along way.

Over All I am happy I have lived and learn for all the products I have tried so far, Just remember when using these items always listen to your skin. If it feel to taught, dry, itchy or you see painful redness discontinue use.

Note: All products have been tried by me and have been used different times and for more than 30 days to give a full review.
Below are some articles and paragraphs for your reading:

Most prescription creams used to lighten the skin contain hydroquinone. Bleaches lighten and fade darkened skin patches by slowing the production of melanin so those dark spots gradually fade to match normal skin coloration. Prescription bleaches contain twice the amount of hydroquinone, the active ingredient, as over-the-counter skin bleaches. In more severe cases prescription creams with tretinoin and a cortisone cream may be used. These may be somewhat irritating to sensitive skin and will take 3-6 months to produce improvement.
Overall I rather Use Skinbright morning and switch o the Exuviance at night, Always read your directions and follow guide lines. I give my skin a break anywhere to 3 months after use. Keep brightning proucts in a cool dark area


rmcandlelight *I'm wearing China Glaze Stella* on May 20, 2010 at 6:44 AM said...

Thanks for sharing. Where can i purchase this product?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info I need to get something for sun spots and acne scarring, and appreciate your review.


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